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Our Story

Named after our creator Asha BarrakAshba Botanics is the FIRST curly hair care brand in India. We bring carefully formulated products with naturally derived & safe ingredients. The brand is an effort to lead on the revolution among the curly and wavy-haired. It started from the curly hair movement brought about in India by our creator Asha Barrak. Asha started the first ever curly hair care blog in India, Right Ringlets, in 2014 to share her knowledge of the RIGHT way to take care of naturally curly and wavy hair. 
Being curly-haired herself, she knew the struggle that a curly has to face every day. How much one’s life is impacted by not having the flowy straight frizz free hair that is the traditional standard of beauty. How so many Curlies in India hide their beautiful curls under ponytails and buns. How they brush and straighten it every day for years to be straight-haired, like everyone else.
“In India, the curly hair perspective is different than the West. It is not that people do not like curly hair, they do love it, the problem was the lack of awareness of the RIGHT way to wear curly hair. RIGHT RINGLETS teaches the right way to wear your natural hair. So, we can stop following the straight hair routine that we had been taught since our childhood, to brush and tame it down” says Barrak. That’s why she started her curly hair blog, Right Ringlets. And it changed the curly scene in India! 
To further the movement, she created the famous Indian curly hair community, ‘Indian Curl Pride’ on FB to help Indian Curlies embrace their natural hair. The community aims to make Curlies proud of their natural hair rather than resent it for being curly. It has helped thousands of Curlies gain confidence to go about in the world with their natural beautiful hair. It is about taking control of your day by learning how to take care of your natural hair. Teaching the next generation to love their hair from childhood.
The only thing that we lacked were products catering to the special needs of curly and wavy hair. “People asked me every day for product suggestions to maintain healthy curls. I didn’t have enough options to suggest which were free of harsh cleansers, silicones, and other ingredients that don’t work for curls” says Barrak.
She started working to create her very own curly hair care line fully focused on meeting the needs of Curlies.
After years of work, we are proud to present the first ever curly hair care brand of India, Ashba Botanics. Naturally derived, safe to use, and free of harsh ingredients. A name that Curlies can rely upon and trust. Being curly-haired herself, she knows what curly hair needs and which ingredients keep it healthy. We use carefully selected ingredients to provide you with international quality products in India.
Be part of the history we are creating and join the revolution. Free your curls. Bring your curls to life!

Love it, flaunt it & be proud of it!

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