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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Styling

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Styling

Styling silky sumptuous curls are every curly girl’s dream. A curly-haired girl would know just how essential is the art of styling. As a society, we’ve come a long, long way with curly hair care, and have grown to unconditionally love our curls. But when it comes to styling curly hair, the curls often tend to have a mind of their own, and this can understandably leave one frustrated and fed up with the idea of styling curly hair.

So, we did some digging and found out about some common styling mistakes that curlies tend to fall for. Whether it’s about using the right amount of stylers and learning techniques, #StartwithAshba and learn to style gorgeous curls with ease.

Read on to know more about styling your curls correctly. 

“Why do my curls feel limp and fall flat?”

Chances are that you may be using the wrong styler. Finding a formula that highlights your natural texture takes some experimentation. Cream stylers are best for hydrated and elongated curls, while gels give your definition and hold.

Besides this, your curls could also be in need of a haircut! Getting a good, fresh chop can amplify your hair’s natural texture and give you bouncy fresh curls.


“My curls feel crunchy..”

You might be forgetting to break your cast. Many beginners neglect this essential finishing step once their hair is dry. Gel stylers work by creating a cast on hair. This cast prevents frizz and helps lock in curl definition, but the styling is not complete if your curls are left stiff.

To soften up your curls, break your cast: use dry hands to gently scrunch out your curls after you've styled and dried your hair. You can also coat your hands with a thin layer of finishing product such as a serum and smoothen your curls. This method of softening your curls is called Scrunching Out The Cast or SOTC.


“My curls don’t have a consistent definition!”

Using too little product can be the culprit in this case. If your curls look inconsistently defined in some places and frizzy in other areas you’re likely to be using too little of the gel coat. If the gel styler doesn’t cover every strand, your curls can possibly look like a hot mess. Divide the hair into sections, and then apply the products for even application.


“My curls are frizzy and have flyaways”

You might be touching your hair while it dries. Whether you prefer to diffuse your curls or air dry naturally, touching your curls in the drying process can damage the curl pattern and create frizz or flyaways. While using a diffuser, remember to use a gentle motion to lift curls from the bottom. Always be patient till your curls are completely dry before fluffing them with your fingers.


“Why aren’t my curls smooth and shiny?”

You might not be styling your curls when your hair is wet. Curly hair is the smoothest when it is soaking wet, so you should ideally apply the styler right after stepping out of the shower when your hair is still soaking wet. Always start with the leave-in conditioner to detangle your strands and seal in moisture before moving on to styling products. This step will enhance shine and prevent your curls from drying out.

#Protip: If you have low-porosity curls that don’t retain moisture, rewet each section before you apply your styler.

For more detailed knowledge on how to wash your hair before styling, read our blog, Wash Day For Beginners.

After all things said and done, it’s important to remember that your curls inevitably change as they grow with time. Curly hair care is a lifestyle and our journey with embracing our curls is a lifelong one, so let’s sit back and enjoy the twists, turns, and curls!


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